Amazin Apparels is a luxurious brand based in the United Kingdom. We offer styles to meet the needs of women, men, and children who want to add Africanism and Modernism to their wardrobes at a reasonable price.  We use the finest craftsmanship to produce fashionable, beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind quality items that will make you look and feel elegant but most especially connect to your body and soul. 
We offer a specific set of clothing: dresses, pants, jackets, sweatshirts, skirts, and accessories; all of which feature the latest inspirations from Ankara artists and prints.
We definitely give you African textiles with western styles… a mixture of the two worlds in which we live.
We aim to connect to the world through our unique bold African print colors. 
We want people to be able to love and express themselves through African print clothing...  
who says you can’t look beautiful to work, formal events, or night out in African print clothing or accessories?
Our production teams are mainly in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Enugu). This is one of the ways we support our homeland.
We work with charity partners to create sustainable, long-term change in African countries. 3% of our profits are donated to motivate, empower and prepare today's youth to become tomorrow's leaders. 
At the moment we are working with Sanitary Aid For Nigerian Girls.
Amazin Apparels gives you flavours and spices from Nigerian styles to meet your needs.
Add your share of Africanism and Modernism to your wardrobes.
Temitope Oyindamola Adewusi, 
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