Where there are women, there is magic

Where there are women, there is magic - AmazinApparels

Where there are women there is magic.

Women’s month (March) is set aside to highlight women's achievements and discuss continuing and emerging women's empowerment and gender equality issues, concerns, challenges and commitments.

While it's common for us to post pictures of celebrities and people who have the gift of fame, you will agree with me this month is for ALL women, women with and without fame, women of all classes and statuses.

Women are magic, women are special. Women make impact, even without any intent. The mere process of conceiving and birthing life is magic itself. We don't have to try extra hard and we make stuff happen.

What if we try hard, what if we push ourselves to do all of the things we dream of constantly? What if we decided to take a stand and fight for our place, what if we decide to embrace equality?


Embracing Equity

Embracing equity means creating an inclusive world. A world where we can live with each other without discrimination. A world where women of all levels and fields are regarded with respect. We should all truly embrace equity.

It's not something we should just talk or write about. It's important so we ought to think about it, know, value and embrace it. We all should believe in embracing equity unconditionally.


Each one of us can actively support and embrace equity within our own sphere of influence, as mothers, CEOs, teachers, economists, women in tech, whatever field we are in. Everyone everywhere can play a part. All IWD activity is valid. That's what makes IWD so inclusive.

 Collectively, we can all forge positive change.