The Best Satin Bonnets To Protect Your Natural Hair

The Best Satin Bonnets To Protect Your Natural Hair - AmazinApparels

Satin Bonnets have offered hair protection for hundreds of years. Unsurprisingly, satin bonnets provide some of the best protection for natural hair. Here at Amazin Apparels, we have a great selection of satin bonnets designed by our founder Temi and handmade by creative women in Nigeria.

Now, I'll explain why satin bonnets are suitable for protecting your natural hair before showcasing some of our favourite bonnets on Amazin Apparel.

Benefits of Wearing Satin Bonnets
If you’re fed up with waking up early in the morning to spend a long time doing your hair, bonnets are for you. Satin is hands-down the best material for protecting your natural hair, and here’s why:

1. Less dryness
Materials like cotton tend to absorb moisture, which is the opposite of what your hair needs. Satin bonnets are helpful because they don’t absorb moisture, which keeps your hair fresh and reduces the chance of breakage.

2. No need for ponytails 

How do you keep your hair out of your face when sleeping? Ponytail? Hairband? Most methods put tension on your scalp, meaning you can wake up with a headache from hell. Satin bonnets offer hair protection and keep it out of your face without putting unnecessary tension on your scalp and follicles.

3. Cost-effective
The handmade bonnets we sell are price worthy, and investing in one is an excellent cost measure in the long run. More than anything, you won’t have to use as many products to de-frizz and untangle your hair (not in the morning, anyway), so you should notice the cost-benefit relatively quickly.

As you can see, there are several fundamental reasons why satin bonnets are beneficial for natural hair. But if nothing else, they make keeping your hair under control much more effortless.

Our Best Seller Handmade Bonnets
We have a range of excellent handmade bonnets. Here are our top picks that’ll offer you the best hair protection at the best that'll

Silky Satin Hair Bonnet
Our silky satin bonnets, this bonnet is unlike the usually adjustable satin bonnets, which are not elastic. It has an adjustable tie, so you can tie the bonnet to how you prefer.

African Print Double Layer Satin Bonnet

If you’re looking for a vibrant silk bonnet, this one is for you ; it's covered with African silk print and is lined with satin.
The benefit of using double-layered satin bonnets is that it reduces friction even further because the bonnet has another layer to rub against, meaning there’s plenty of fabric between your hair and the pillow.

Hopefully, one of the satin bonnets above is the perfect choice for you. Buying from Amazin Apparels means supporting a black-owned business that helps create employment for young women in Nigeria as well as giving 3% of our profits to a charity in Nigeria.

Whichever one you go for, at least you know you’ll be getting the best hair protection you can whilst you sleep.

Why not browse the rest of our website to see what other great products we sell? If you'd like more hair protection accessories, you can check out our link to our bonnets . We also have amazing high-quality bags made with African printed fabric, 100% leather .