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Wed, May 31, 2023
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A quality control officer is responsible for ensuring that the products produced by the manufacturing department of Amazin Apparels meet specific standards of quality.

You will commonly work with various departments, including manufacturing, sales, marketing, etc., to ensure that everything from raw materials to finished products meets these standards.

Skills of Quality Control Officer

  1. Skills of problem-solving of quality issues
  2. Garments measuring skill
  3. Quality controlling
  4. Good leadership skill
  5. Customer feedback
  6. Quality assurance

Job Description of a Garments Quality Control Officer

  1. Develop, manage, implement, communicate, and maintain a quality plan to bring the Amazin Apparels Quality Assurance Systems and Policies into compliance with quality system requirements.
  2. Effectively interact with the Technical, Development, and Production team to maintain product quality and achieve targets.
  3. Assisting technicians with checking patterns/specifications and construction, identifying and resolving production impracticalities in an appropriately timely manner, and making a final decision on quality according to Amazin Apparels standards and requirements.
  4. Supervise handling sample evaluation and production approval by reviewing the measurement, workmanship, fitting, accessories, etc., and commenting on the production.
  5. Monitored QA/QC performance by gathering relevant production data and producing statistical reports to be communicated with all related departments. Identifying relevant quality-related training needs and delivering training.
  6. Responsible for each aspect of quality control and product assembly in the factory
  7. Ensuring all quality & production issue by Auditing & Controlling
  8. Production planning
  9. To give size set sample approval
  10. To conduct a pre-production meeting
  11. Doing In-line inspection to check the quality
  12. Follow up on Pre- Final inspection
  13. To keep all necessary documents and quality SOP
  14. To provide approval such as print, embroidery, and wash & as required by Amazin Apparels
  15. To maintain all discipline and compliance issue
  16. Ultimately ensure final product quality

Capabilities of Quality Control Officer

  1. Operation Services
  2. Report Making in Line/ Final Process inspection
  3. Factory problem report
  4. Technical Idea Above sample & bulk Production
  5. Quality Inspectors Training
  6. Decision making
  7. Production Status, Shipment Schedule
  8. Q.L. Final Inspection before shipment

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